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Meetings held at George Square, in Glasgow city centre.

The first General Assembly will be held at 7:00pm, 63 March (2nd May), George Square, Glasgow.

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  • 2nd May, George Square at 19h
  • 7th May, George Square at 17h

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General Assembly #63mars

60 people, individuals as well as a groups from the left, gathered in George Square for the first Nuit Debout Glasgow General Assembly. People came together in a true spirit of openness, collaboration and creativity. There were people from Scotland, England, France, Spain and Greece in attendance. The night was live-streamed. A comrade and her family kindly brought a generator and supplied free food.

The three facilitators for the evening, Sophia, Josh and Chris introduced themselves. They explained a little about the Nuit Debout movement, what it was about and what they hoped the night would achieve in Glasgow. The floor was opened to discussion.

It was stated that there is an immediate need for different groups on the left to work constructively together. Assemblies like this present the perfect chance.

The unfairness, inequality and poverty experienced by ordinary people was raised, and how Westminster and the Tories were complicit in this. The inspiration to create change, that had been provided by the Nuit Debout movement in France and across the world, was repeatedly raised.

The need for solid commitment from participants and attendees was raised, in order to sustain the assembly and grow it. It was suggested that the assembly agree 4 common issues to base our discussions around and form working groups/commissions around these.

The ineffectiveness of representative democracy and the voting system was raised. Direct action, like these assemblies, can be more effective. The experience of Tent Town was raised and the fact that GCC will probably attempt to shut down the assembly in the future. The need to resist this emphasised.

Hand signals were taught to the assembly and adopted. The need to reclaim public space and be visible was emphasised, as was the difference in British/Scottish and European attitudes to public space. The supermarket ND action in France was discussed. It was suggested that a direct action commission be formed to do similar things. The importance and value of discussion was raised in response. It was emphasised that discussion can be one of the strongest things we can do.

There was a discussion about the recent experiences of activists in France. Upcoming Dungavel demo, Save Lorde campaign and recent strikes at GCC discussed. Flyers, posters and general organisation was raised. The need for assembly organisation to be as inclusive as possible and not be solely reliant on Facebook emphasised.

The assembly agreed that there should be more General Assemblies and more Peoples’ Assemblies going forward. It was decided to support and show solidarity with the Dungavel demo on Saturday 7th May, holding a General Assembly directly after at 5pm in George Square.

Assembly finished with food and music.

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