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FINAL MEETING GLOBAL DEBOUT #8M[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

8 may 2016

Informations[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Policies[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Fight for Rights on social / economic / political level
  • Tax Justice no tax heavens; fight for a global tax policy which will allow less competition between countries
  • Social Economy Reestablishing the idea of social state oriented and adaptive on needs of people ...
  • Open World more fluid bordes, welcoming refugees, humanistic immigration policies
  • Transparency in politics and economy

Values[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Ecological
  • Transparency / Democracy establishing means of direct democracy, demand of transparant governance
  • Debout / Dignity Autonomy: giving citizens more space for autonomous organization

The meeting took the decision to vote that the work done by the group “values” will serve as a base to the final work. This group will keep working on this subject. The assembly voted and accpeted this program as working basis.

Long Term Goals[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Short term[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Create the 15 of may as a global movement and creating slowly connection between all groups not only France and Spain to share and communicated about what group are working about but also how (tools communication….)
  • Occupying squares
  • Having delegates from squares - in order to share experience and organizing global meeting
  • Collecting the global discussion in one Wikione Wiki

Medium term[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • the group propose to build the next step in autumn. To do this step we need to create a common language and find common objectives.
  • Importance of linking local objectives to a global view was emphasized.
  • We also have to group to help in the translation.

Long term[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Needs further discussion

Action[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Occupation The main action will be the occupation of square in a global way at 8 pm local time in Paris/Madrid all around the world.
  • Global Rising Up The common action all around Europe is to get up all in the same time.
  • Colorfulnes We’ll ask people to wear as much as possible colors (+ painting coordinated action, first one done may 26th)
  • Boycott boycott action every month (started here
  • Meeting on the 15th 8pm
  • Who own the public squares In London, there is a problem that the 1% are owners of the public spaces so in is not possible for them to occupy those places. So one proposal was: To leak a list of "public space" owners of involved cities.

Show solidarity between groups, be in contact with the communication group The assembly vote that this program will serve as the basis.

Slogans[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

* GLOBALdebout experience / building freedom - Votes: 28

  • They have billions, we are millions - Votes: 48
  • GLOBAL DEBOUT Rise up against the 1% - Votes: 8

Communication[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

From the communication workshop for the #globaldebout of the #15may we would like to encourage everyone to share and spread the spirit lived during this weekend in Paris with everyone, specially sharing the campaign on the social networks. We have been talking also about the need of a common iconography that includes slogans and symbols, but keeping in mind a decentralised communication spirit that allows us to work on the needs of each place. Think global, act local. We also discussed about the need of including the press in our communication strategy, contacting the local media from each meeting. In order to made out if the 15 may a wonderful day we have identified the need of: a global streaming for the 15may with streamers in each city available from a common web stream, a viral video with materials gathered on the global debout meeting and a Twitter camping to allow everyone to tell you the world why they will participate on the 15 may. They have millions, We are billions!"

  • Facebook networking: The facebook event will be the main communication support. Each group needs to communicate via facebook.
  • Problem with the multitude of facebook events. Unifying them would make things simpler for efficient communication.
  • Event popularity: Trying to get high numbers of participants in facebook
  • Memes / Multimedia: The group needs help to make videos to communicate about this event. People shut put all materials (pictures, vids) - also from this weekend - via Twitter #globaldebout in order collect them.
  • Decentralization / organic style: The strategy is to let people to choose their own communication because we all have specific goals and way to communicate.
  • Twitter: We need to use all the #globaldebout for impact.
  • Central Webiste: The will be the main plateform which will allow us to organize the different groups/event/site….
  • Support: If a group need help to organize the communication they can contact nuitdebout paris to help them for How-to-use the Toolkits
  • New Website for global debout: The international communication need also to be better because this will be a key point. We need to make a website “global debout”
  • Press: Each group need to make a press release so we can control as much as possible the communication.
  • Live streaming: We try to build a life streaming all around the global debout, we don t know exactly the support so far. But importance was emphasized several times. Also discussing the possibility, to show live streams of different squares on the squares itself.

Decision for the action[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • To occupy space public make a assembly and do at _8PM during 1 minute people stay down and get up all together with many colors (clothes) + TAKE THE decision of a boycott (the group needs to find the contract).
  • Someone propose also the possibility of a march in each city but this option seems to be not chosen by the commission action.
  • The assembly accepted that this adoption is not limiting groups and that we can still build others actions.
  • Personal proposal: in Spain each city have their own slogan for the 15 th